I have been with T-Mobile for 13 years, I have had small issues, but they were usually made better with pleasant reps and cheap service. I hate to say, I have never felt more violated as a customer than I do now. I really wish T-Mobile cared about the promises they make to customers. I feel taken advantage of and have lost all faith in their want to maintain a loyal customer base. 

The below is my emails with tforce@t-mobile.com:

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I feeling somewhat nostalgic tonight, and what better way to rid myself of these pesky emotions? A blog. 

Its been a while, but I used to be quite the blogger (believe it or not). 

I redecorated my apartment all weekend and am pretty excited about the results. I can even smell the new candles on my table and they are making me smile. Pictures soon I promise. 

My ten year high school reunion was last night. I didn’t go. To be honest, with Facebook, I don’t understand the need. That being said, I still feel strangely sad that it has been 10 years since high school. 

I had such high hopes for my future. And yes, life could be worse. I am married to an amazing man that gives me butterflies after 3 years of marriage. I have a dog that is cuter than yours, and I work at a company making the best films out right now…

But I feel so insecure about what I have accomplished. I want more. I want better. I want my dreams. 

So I say adieu tonight, I am going to put in just a little more work. Focus just a little more. Work a little harder. And maybe, just maybe, I can achieve what I dreamed at 17. 

I leave you with this article about a woman I so desperately adore: